how much is this worth? Iphone

    I know someone who is selling an iphone, i would like one but don't know if its a good deal.

    Its brand new on O2 which is the network i use. Its black 8gb brand new in box with ear phones etc.

    She wants £230 for it?

    Not sure what the difference is with 8gb etc... also if i bought it would i then ahve to pay to go on the net thanksx


    it's an ok price for a brand new phone but i'm assuming it's the 3G model and not the 3GS, and yes, you'd have to buy a web bundle on your sim card....

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    i will ask. Would u happen to know how much that would be per month? thanks.

    you could add it for £5 per month

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    do i need a new sim? i already have an 02 phone standard with sim and have just taken o2 broadband on the condition i keep topping my phone up.


    Offer them £200, if they meet you half way then go for it!

    you can get a special iphone pay as you go sim that gives free data for a year.

    What are 2nd hand models going for (3G 8GB model) these days?
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