How much is this worth (psp)?

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Found 21st Jun 2008
Was considering selling this on here, just looking to know what sort of value I should be looking to sell at.

It is a psp, boxed with instructions with custom firmware (3.90 m33) and it has a 512mb pro duo memory card with daedalus n64 emulator on. It comes with 4 games, who wants to be a millionaire, metal gear acid, ridge racer and burnout legends all of which are boxed with instructions and 2 umd films, spiderman 2 and donnie darko which aren't boxed.

It's in mint condition with a screen protector and not a single scratch on it, so can anyobody help me out?

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£80 - £95 as a package?

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thanks thesaint, anyone else?

What colour is it and is it the slim and lite version?

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sorry should have mentioned its black and the normal (phat) version

I'd say about the same as thesaint said. The phat ones have dropped alot in price.
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