How much is your Gas per year?

    Just looked at all our gas bills for the last year on line and its extortionate. All our heating is gas and I do live in a 5 bedroom detached but its the best part of £2000. (Not trying to boast thinking of downsizing at this rate just thought it appropriate to mention it)
    My partner says this is ludicrous. Electric worked out at about £700.
    Would anyone mind sharing theres. I just need to know how ludicrous this is.
    We are with EDF for both. Moved to them from British Gas about 3 years ago as they messed us about at the time with bills and edf seemed to be the best option.
    Now thinking we have been robbed.
    I would appreciate any thoughts please other than Bl***dy H*** thats ridiculous.


    Just you two? Any kids etc using showers/baths or meaning more washing machine work than usual?

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    Both adults bath each day, Think that is electric will have to check with partner. I expexted electric to be more actually as i tumble dry all the time. But gas seems awfully steep.

    Kids bath when i see they are

    £40 pm on budget plan heating on 18 always on so it ticks on and off 2 adults 3 kids british gas have you had leak test and boiler check to see if its ok . leak test should be free if you speak to them

    we pay £110 per month for electric and gas in a 3 bed det

    Check your gas meter is in F or M cubed. Consult the bill - if it's in Mcubed there shouldn't be a correction factor on the bill. If it's in Feet cubed there will be. So - if your meter says M cubed (therefore metric) AND there's a correction factor on the bill you are being overcharged. Seriously overcharged. Check your meter. PM me if you need to.

    ah penny saver I remember now we had this problem after a meter change took ages to sort out one point we was £700 in credit then £700 in arrears we knew we was alright they couldnt work out what was correct so agreed to zero the meter and check the metering ....prob had something to do with me ringing up all the time asking for my rebate that pushed em to agree the zero

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    Thanks having to go out now but will look later.

    Will look into a leak test as well,

    £2k sound mental, even for a large house. What with the tumble drying all the time, you sound like a f---king environmental nightmare.

    Have a read of this recent thread.



    4 bed detached - £50 pcm for gas / £40 electric covers a year easily

    £2000/year is obscene. We were paying £90 a month last year and EDF just sent us nearly £200 refund for over-payment. That's on a 4-bed house with 2 of us there full time and our daughter nearly 1/2 the year (when she isn't at university).
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