How much is your monthly bill?

    I just wanted to ask other people how much is their monthly bill for living as my hubby thinks I spend far tooooo much. We have 3 kids age 9,10,12. We spend about £800 a month on CC this includs everyting ( food, petrol, kids school trips & clubs, all the insurances, MOT`s, car tax) apart from electricity, gass, water, council tax, mortgage which is paid separate.
    Wow now I am looking at it written down it seems alot, but I would be interested how is everyone els doing in the credit cranch. I think we can deffinately feel it.
    I have alotment, cycle whereever can ( have to drive for school pick up ), cook lovely meals from scratch. I do lots around the house , just painted the living room& bedrooms, did a bathroom and kitchin up last year. I don`t work,(nobodywantsto employ me).
    Do you think I spend too much? Any suggestion where I could save some money?


    We normally spend about £600 per month...that includes food, petrol & the kids swimming/football, but not insurances or anything like that. Then we budget about £200 on top of that for taking the kids out.

    Our cost of living is approx £1200 p/m which excludes food shopping, If you want to save money you need to auction your children on ebay.

    Always best in this kinda situation, see if he can do it better, cheaper and then you'll either be proved right or he will.
    Either way he'll see for himself just how tough it can be being the financial leader of a household

    does any of these includes mortgage or rent?

    we spend around £1400 on bills, this includes, food, rent, council tax, water, electric, tv license, insurance, petrol etc,
    edit: forgot to add rent on

    Dont even go on expenses.. I had my quarterly water bill sent to me & I almost DIED looking at the 250£ that I need to pay those ^$&**($*&


    does any of these includes mortgage or rent?

    My bills come to just over £1500 per month :oops:

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    Yeh we tried to give the kids away for free and nobody wants them! Are you interested , they do quite a bit around the house, so they are a bargain!
    It does not include mortgage.
    And yes my hubby lives in the dreamland, bless him, he does not have a clue about prices. I think he would have a shock if he had to go shoping, which he never does. I buy even his shoes, trousers , the lot for him , he hates shopping, and he would just wear rugs to avoid shops.

    id say 1500 also probably, inlcludes mortgage yes

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    Wow shock horror for the £1500


    Wow shock horror for the £1500

    fraid so mortgage and council tax takes me to a grand nearly i think
    oh just noticed yours doesnt include mortage??? wow yours is high then lol
    oh mines not including petrol or anything car related which i do seperately from the main account also


    fraid so mortgage and council tax takes me to a grand nearly i think

    That's not bad then if you're only up to £1500 in total mortgage and council tax only add up to £630 :?

    Leave and buy a tent from Asda , about £6 thats £794 saved straightaway:thumbsup:

    Blimey!! my mortgage alone is more that that! in excess of £1200 a month for a 3 bed semi.
    There is 5 of us and my food bill is in excess of £500 per month.

    How do you all do it so cheaply?


    Blimey!! my mortgage alone is more that that! in excess of £1200 a month … Blimey!! my mortgage alone is more that that! in excess of £1200 a month for a 3 bed semi

    Me and the Mrs. were on a tighter budget when we bought our house we went for a 30yr mortgage, still £506/month though for a 2 bed semi :x

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    It seem like most of us pay about £1500 here.
    Just a few months ago we paid £500 less, I was just tring to find out where we went wrong. I think I`ve been Tescoing too much and not selling on Ebay . Plus we just paid about £1000 for our summer hols. and the kids school trips to be taken next year.

    If we're all paying out so much money, who's getting rich? (apart from the tax man)

    our outgoing are all our wages approx £2,500 this includes EVERYTHING

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    Blimey, you must earn a fortune!
    I should tell my hubby to go and get a better job.
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