How much money can you send back into the UK?

    If working away abroad in a non-EU country you can earn tax free and become non-resident here. Doe anyone know how much money can be sent back here to partner at home or to pay a mortgage etc. I thought i had seen a rule somewhere it was £5000 a year or thereabouts. I'd be looking at trying to pay off a motrtgage at the rate of around £20k a year,plus fund a pension, saving maybe offshore.



    Send some to me.

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    i am sure (will have to check with OH) when you have worked off shore for so long you can have a tax rebate or something along those lines

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    Send some to me.I will look after it :thumbsup:

    Ok, it's a deal :w00t:



    Ok, it's a deal :w00t:

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    just spoken with OH and after you have worked aboard for 6 months or more, you can earn tax free, said he thinks you have to reclaim the tax back. he wasnt aware of there being a limit to it.


    unlimited although there are checks to make sure you are not money laundering, if you are unlucky or depening on how you send it
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