how much money to take to florida

    hi guys and gals,

    off to florida in sept/october but can't remember how much we took last time (we didn't spend it all but couldn't do discovery cove on the last day cos didn't have enough)

    already got tickets for universal etc... (5 park)
    just gonna buy when we get there the day passes for mgm and epcot!
    there is only the two of us but a bit un sure how much we should take

    any recomendations ??


    Depends on travel etc? Taxi-ing to hotel? Need cash for that.
    Hirecar? Small change for tolls.

    I'd get $200 n take a nationwide card for everything else cash related - just get out what you need.

    If your on I drive get their bus pass.. much cheaper than a car!)

    hundred in dollar bills
    the rest nationwide card
    bobs your uncle

    why a nationwide card ?


    why a nationwide card ?

    Best commission free exchange rate. You just get that days business rate straight at cash point. By far the cheapest way to do things.
    Credit cards also perfectly viable in the states.

    I took about £800 last month which was about $1500 dollars and cam back with about $200. I did exactly the same thing too, i bought universal tickets over here and got the 5 day disney ticket over there which were cheaper than getting them over here, and its only $2 a day for each extra day.

    Take nearly all of it in travellers cheques, you can spend them like cash almost everywhere in the states and if you lose them you get the cash back.

    That means McDonalds, Disney and even the 7-11 all take them (you just need your passport) and they give you your change in dollars.

    If you're taking the kids then your first visit should be to Walmart (there are a few and you can't miss them) and buy a couple of pay-as-you-go USA mobiles for around $25 each. Then by the tills buy a few 'dog tags' from the automatic machine with the mobile numbers on and put them on the kids. (they love them, they look like US Army dog tags)

    Now if you lose your kids in the parks etc they just approach a member of staff and using the number on the dog tag you'll have your kids back in a jiffy. It's also useful having the phones if you decide to split up in the parks or if someone pops out in the car.

    One last thing, if you are a member of Costco in the UK you can use your card in the USA. There are a few Costco's around that area and they sell the cheapest fuel in town. You just need to put credit on a costco pre pay card to use the auto petrol pumps but that is easy.

    Original Poster

    cheers for the answers,

    got £1,500 to takethink that'll be enough but just worried might run out

    already got travel to and from airport sorted, like i mentioned got universal 2 week pass sorted, so all i'm laying out for is:-

    x2 mgm one day pass (only 1 day cos we won't go again)
    x2 epcot one day pass
    (think the above 2 where £50 each last time i went)

    then everyday spends etc....

    prob gonna do dinner show and swim with manatees which prob be £150 for both things for both of us.

    you guys reckon i'll have enough

    just got back from florida. last week. so sorry if you already know the below.....

    If you are getting a car, get plenty of change tool roads all over the place, so plenty of 25cents and dollars. (about 10$ total for the first day incase you get lost etc)

    I went for 3 weeks and took £2000 for a family off four (2 adults \ 2 kids) close to $4000

    Park tickets and car rental etc all bought and paid in advance.

    We did everything, all parks, dinner show, caracter breakfast etc. eat out 90% of the nights etc. and of course shopped and petrol...

    Currently with the weak dollar its alot cheaper for us. 90dollars for a meal for 4 adults and 2 kids in post places. (NOT Fast food places, decent places)

    Only time I felt ripped off on the whole 3 weeks was the Pirates dinner which was poor food, poor drink and average enter tainment for top dollar (32 dollars for 2x cocktails and a coke) (the same in a bar cost $12 dollars and was actually nice....)

    Do not take travellers cheques, to much hassle getting changed etc.

    I got a american express pre paid card from the travel agents. like travellers cheques, you load the money on before you go, and use it like a credit / debit card. if you lose it they send a new one etc.

    The parks.

    Universal studios and adventure land could be done in a day if you hit it at 9am (I would other wise its rammed) the studios are the quieter one and can be done pretty quickly. I would buy a quick pass. ($30 dollars each) and this lets you jump the ques. average length at island of adventure was 60 minutes plus for spiderman, hulk coaster etc.

    This works in both parks, hence how to do it in a day. The city walk is OK, but not as good as downtime disney.

    The disney parks are all worth doing IMO. Magical kingdom has somthing for everybody, as has Animal Kingdom. Not just epcot and mgm like i thought too.

    MGM is a smaller park BUT it can be hard to do in a day due to the shows, as they say you need to be inside 30 minutes before it starts, it can make it hard seeing them all, if you do want to see them all you need at least 2 days. just due to the logistics.

    Epcot is getting pushed this yeat it seems, both Soar and Test Trax had 90 minute waits and even getting fast passes at 10am, the return time was around 4pm.

    Magical kingdom, epcot and mgm all have night firework shows. epcot is good at night doing round all the villages at the top end.

    You really need to hit the parks for opening or it gets v.busy and fast pass times get later and later.

    Check your tickets some are only one admitance. no returns that day, or you use another entry if you go back.

    In the heat it can be along day so you may want to go back for a seperate viewing at the night time once you have done the big rides etc.

    The price between a 3 day pass for these and a 14 day pass is about 20dollars ! If you plan on going back to florida again you can pay 90dollars for a untimed pass. So you can go back and re use days you do not use next year.

    These also include the clubs at Downtime Disney and both the water parks. We paid £150 ish for 14 day unlimited passes to all disney parks.

    It was 67dollars each for a single day entry into a park.

    All of magical kingdom can be done in 2 days, mgm 2 days if you want to see everything, epcot 1 if your lucky, animal kingdom 1 if your lucky. this is ecliding the nighttime shows / parades.

    If you want to swim with Dolphins this is discovery cove. It cost about £150 but you need to book in advance.

    they only let in around 1000 people a day, and not all of them swim with dolpins etc. Booking is a good few months in advance from what I recall.

    Its a brilliant place when you get in, all you can eat, and drink (not cheeap stuff either) plus a coral reef to and lazy lagoon to snorkle in.

    the pass also gives you a 7 day pass to sea world, bush gardens and wet and wild.

    enjoy it though wonderful place.

    Original Poster

    reckon i should have enough wiv 1500 then

    cheers googleboogle, thanx for the advise did pirates dinner last time and thought it was spot on but might have to try another one after your experience

    Original Poster

    one last question! does anyone know how much one day passes into the disney parks are know?

    $67 per adult per park

    plus sales tax (6.5 or 7%)

    If you buy them at disney, I would buy a multi park tickets TBH, from the UK.

    Its about 167quid for a 14day unmilited pass to 4 parks, downtime disney, and the 2 water parks.
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