how much please???

    how much do you think i should price this package at???
    any help would be appreciated???

    I have a great condition PSP Value Pack that contains a black PSP that has 2 dead pixels that are only noticeable when its a full black screen.
    This is the Japanese version, plays all uk games and umds it just has a sharp screen better than the EU console)
    This also comes with a 2 pin charger adaptor that is very handy whilst on holiday in Europe.
    This also comes with an in car charger adaptor that is very handy when on a long haul journey.
    It comes with a neoprene-like soft padded protective case for the PSP
    All of this comes in the original box but the manual is in Japanese but it is very easy to work out through the pictures, but I never needed to use the manual.
    This also comes with a 32mb memory card/stick.
    The five games that come with this are:
    GTA: Liberty City Stories with case and manual
    Championship Manager 2006
    World Tour Soccer Challenge edition with slightly broken case and manual. The outer disk has a slight crack in it but it plays absolutely fine.

    thanks again

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