How much P+P is too much P+P...

    I am curious to know how much you guys are willing to pay for P+P on things, one thing I have noticed these days is that it's VERY bloody expensive, to me places like IWOOT and Firebox are ruined by the £3.95 p+p, I'd probably spend a fortune on their (already overpriced) tat if the p+p was more realistic! For me, anything over £2.99 is 'too much' (different matter when we are talking larger items) and makes me think twice about ordering!


    [SIZE=2]look at the total price includind P&P if its good or high[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]some sellers on ebay charge high P&P and sell the item cheap to reduce the fees, so have alook at the total price..[/SIZE]

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    Oh yes, I always do that...p+p is part of the overall price in my head. I mean for actual shops though, rather than places like eBay.

    Firebox and IWOOT etc. have a stupidly high P&P on their already overpriced tat because they always give out those £5 vouchers.

    That way everyone savvy enough to use a voucher gets it for the normal price and anyone stupid enough or rich enough not to care gets it at the overpriced tat cost and the companies make some extra pocket money.

    Well when a company uses couriers, £4-5 is about right.

    Im wondering how much places like ChoicesUK made when they were selling the PS2 screens, it must have cost at least £5 for them to post for somthing i paid £10 total.

    Direct4Games easily wins most expensive P+P. First of all it is £3 then it shoots up by about £2 for every item you add afterwards!
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