How much should fascias cost?

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Found 13th Feb 2010
Four bed house, detatched, will need scaffolding. Complete rip out and replace, proper job. I've had the recommended three quotes and they're all radically different. Plain white UPVC stuff, inc downpipes, replacement felt etc. Any experience, idea of price, duration, recommendations much appreciated.


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id have thought 2.3 -3k what have you been quoted

how much of the house needs doing ? is it the top half or just a dorma or is it front and back?

we recently did our front dorma last summer cost us £220 for materials to do fascias new felt insulation gutter boards and gutters. then just had to pay for a days labour from a local builder and borrwed the scaffolding from family.

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id have thought 2.3 -3k what have you been quoted

That's what I thought. I've had one quote for £800 (insisting it was a full rip out and replace - I now feel it may be a cover up and clad) one for £2450 from someone I have used before and quite trust, and one for almost 5k!

I think the trusted one will win in the end, it means a lot to just trust, you know? But I definitely wanted views on what sort of price to expect. Usually when I get quotes they are all much of a muchness!

Post your job ]here then look at what offers you get....then compare

Disregard the £800 quote as he will most likely have to cut corners and materials to make a living out off this.
If you have a "trusted" tradesman I would tend to favor him.

Expect to pay £70 - 90 per linear meter plus scaffolding @ £250 - 300 per elevation if they don't have there own, all dependent on size/type of installation co and area. All plus VAT too.

So average detached house 36 lm = £2520 - 3240 plus access equip, own or hired in, good quality uPVC, treated timbers and min 5 days for 2 men taking care not to leave your garden like a battlefield.

I have a detached house and it took them 2 days to completely replace all four sides including the pointing. This cost me a grand - they've been up for a year gone September and they still look good. If you're paying towards £2500 - then i would expect capping instead of the pointing.
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