How much should i acheive selling my Digital Camera??

    I have a digital camera which is a Fujifilm S6500fd, with a 1gb card. I just wondered what could be a realistic amount i would get for this selling it. It also has about 5mths guarantee with it (complete with reciept) boxed with manuals.

    Thanks - rep added for good help


    I'd say it was worth about £70... people think MP are the most important thing and 6 just doesn't cut it now...
    Good reviews - nice camera - good luck!

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    Trouble is MP arent the most important thing and you dont need technically more than around 6-7mp.

    It takes excellent images which i can prove, just looking at upgrading to a DSLR now as im getting more into photography. Was hoping more than £70 as go for approx £90-£100 on Ebay but was just looking at a general average on what others as well would pay.

    Thanks for the help :thumbsup:

    I understand MP aren't important but the consumer is a strange beast! I'd love to justify an SLR-like but my gf and I cycle everywhere and don't think the weight or size would be practical...

    Hopefully you'll get closer to £100

    Looks like the cheapest you can get one for new is £140
    So, I guess you could hope to get about £80-90 for it...?

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    Brill, will tell my bloke about it, as its him that needs the convincing doing lol....i want it, can afford it, but will he back down and roll over lol

    Hi Amcol, if your pics on the photo thread are anything to go by it does take nice shots, nice to see you're getting more into photography hence the upgrade to DSLR. Are you thinking of selling on here or on Fleabay? If you get more on there then I'd say go for it, but I think if you try to sell it on here then people will try to push the price down as far as they can. If it's in good nick then I don't see why you shouldn't get £80-90 for it, good luck!

    I take giles' point that most people just think the higher the MP then the better the images you'll get, but as you both know it's more to do with the compression that those images undergo in the camera and the data you can get out that's really important. It looks like from the spec on Fujifilm website that it can export the RAW data, that would be a BIG selling point for people who like doing lots of digital manipulation on the images they take!

    I'd also link to the reviews it's had in the photography press as they seem to be pretty good!

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    Thanks bjm, yeah it does RAW as well as, never used it yet lol, i also agree as well about the MP as i was once one them until i got more into photography!

    Yeah mega good reviews for the camera, it is a fab camera just want something bit more "pro", I reakon fleabay will be the answer for the most money, although i guess gotta weigh up the FVF that it would be on Ebay to the price on here as well.

    Next camera im looking at is the Nikon D40, heard fab things about them as well.

    Hi, I am interested in the camera, do you have a price? Pm'ed u aswell. seen this in curries for £150 about a year ago. goin on holiday to egypt soo and i need a good camera

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    Thanks for pm, will work out a price etc later and then list if i swing the ole bloke down, trouble is it would only be mobile phone pics as i dont actually have another camera to take pics with atm!

    Will let you all know later the outcome.
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