how much should i ask for this?

    Slim silver PS2, all leads, immaculate condition about a year and a half old... might be some light scratches on the top just where games have been sat on top etc.

    1 wireless pad
    1 wired original silver pad

    2 memory cards

    quake 3
    tony hawks american wasteland
    need for speed most wanted
    who wants to be a millionaire
    buzz the music quizz + buzzers
    buzz the big quizz + buzzers
    24 the game (promo FULL game)
    B Boy promo (FULL game)

    just wanting to know wether its worth selling or not...

    thanks in advance :thumbsup:


    £75 i'd say.

    Original Poster

    thanks..including postage? prob cost10-15 to post?

    Sorry, that's exc. p+p. It might be better to split the games and the console/accs into two seperate sales.

    Original Poster

    stuck it on for £90 ono... thanks for your help...rep+
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