how much should I be looking to pay for a wii u?

    my 4 year old really wants one but don't want to pay to much and know nintendo are releasing there new console soon wondering if I'm best waiting a while



    Tricky one to answer really. Many of the current games might not be backwards compatible because games like Splatoon make use of the gamepad. If NX has some kind of gamepad/handheld then I think they will be. So it depends on why your son wants a Wii U. NX is currently due to land in March 2017 if that helps.

    If its because of games like Splatoon, Mario Kart, Mario Maker, Mario 3D World, Lego City, Zelda etc then i'd say go for it. As for price brand new Wii U consoles are still pretty expensive considering. Amazon Warehouse might be worth a look but still over £200 for Mario Kart/Splatoon pack.

    The Wii U never did that well compared to the first Wii. The Nintendo NX, (or whatever they decide to call it), will be out next year. Unfortunately I have no first hand experience with the Wii U, so I can't give you much more than that, but I am certainly waiting for the NX.

    I'm sure are some die hard fans out there, or at least some who tried it, who can give you better information.

    About £100 - £110 for a used one with no games.

    there's a few variables to consider. basic or premium, installed games, and peripherals, in particular official controllers, both pro and motion controllers. if you know youll be using multiplayer in Mario kart, just dance etc, go for a good big bundle and save in the long run, and know the prices of the extras to judge worth. it's still worth £200 new for the mk splatoon bundle, a used version in good condition should be £120-150. brilliant console for families, worth every penny. I play just dance with the children almost everyday.
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