How much should I drink?

I'm off to my little brothers 30th birthday party tonight. My wife is unable to have a drink to to a course of antibiotics so she will be driving...:)
The big question is brothers and sisters is: How much should I have to drink?
Should I stay relatively sober as not to annoy her or should I end up being the drunken uncle who when WHAM is played, sprints from the bar to the dance floor ??

The decision is yours!



lol whatever the outcome of this thread, deep down you know your getting hammered

they are playing wham???? can I come, we'll dance together

Oooh, tricky one. The decision really is yours and I don't envy you! Ask your wife if she'd prefer you to stay sober. Surely she won't begrudge you have a few on your bro's milestone. What would she do vice versa?

get hammered and you go for it. it will give your nephews or nieces something to talk about in years to come.


like you need to ask, and like you will take notice, just have a fab time:thumbsup:

only one answer - get hammered

Original Poster

I think your right...hammered.
Doesn't everyone who's 30or over get Wham played at their party?

Its hardly a 30th unless someone gets completely @rsed and upsets half the family...........that responsibility falls on YOU my friend...........:thumbsup:

I'd get hammered (I usually do)

No point in you both missing out - drink enough for two!

ask her if she minds you letting your hair down...better than an argument and shes unlikely to mind on a special occasion

Original Poster

Right then folks.....the lines are now closed and the votes have been counted.

Tonight Matthew I'm going to be.............

A crazy dancing, lip syncing, drunk as a skunk.... embarrassing husband, son, brother and uncle.

Do do do do do ...wooooo
I don't want your freedom
girl all I want right now is you!!!

Thank you and goodnight!

You should be used to getting hammered being a baggies fan :thumbsup:

Remember club tropicana drinks are free...get hammered. :?

go with the flow...see how you feel when you get there ;-)

HAMMER TIME .................

So....... how did it go???!
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