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    My work colleague has an old Sony Ericson K800i cypershot phone which she is thinking of selling (she's just bought a touch screen phone).

    How much do you think I should offer for the SE? General wear and tear, no charger but otherwise in good order.



    k880i? :w00t:

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    now, now. I used to have the one b4 that which I really liked.

    I'm on pay as you go, only put in about £10 every couple of months so not really worth me buying a new one.

    she wouldn't really get much for it and bearing in mind you would need a charger, would she not just give you it?

    Edit: Whoops, misread, which model is it?

    Think the OP may mean K800i?


    No such thing as a K880.

    Nope, think means K800i probably.


    Or could be W880, makes a difference.

    Yeah or that...two very different phones.

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    (sorry, typo) it's a K800i

    Well Mazuma offer £20 cash for the phone, I'd say at least match that for them.…ew&

    Have a look at
    to compare prices of what you would expect to get from differnet companies.

    i'd say £20-25 if you're lucky. I bought a k800i this time last year in very good condition, boxed and complete for £40

    £24 @ fonebank :…628

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    Thanks very much everyone (heat & rep), shall see what she says.
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