How much should I pay for this Laptop??

    Hi could any1 plz give advice as to how much you think this laptop is worth? Im buying this Laptop off a friend but need some advice as to what I should pay for it !!

    Acer Inel(R) Celeron(R)M
    processor 1.50GHz
    1.50 GHz 248 MB of RAM
    windows XP
    Home Edition
    Version 2002

    The Laptop is in great condition which she bought it about a year ago for 350.00-400.00 not sure exact

    any advice would be great
    thanks in advance
    Shellymanc x


    £95 at most

    Original Poster

    wow really ! Dont think se would be 2 happy lol

    It's low spec. Definately less than three figures. Your friend paid too much for it.

    yep £100 at most...if you do buy upgrade the ram to at least 512 mb.

    Original Poster

    Ok thanks guys for your help !! She defo not gona be happy!!
    And yes I would upgrade it thanks xxx:thumbsup:

    As said that's not very good by today's standard, tech advances all of the time
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