How much should i pay (Tv)

    Hi All.

    Its just my luck that in the last 2 days, my sat nav, and telly have packed up!
    Sat Nav is being dealt with under warranty.

    Now its Tv time!

    I cant really afford much, but, it seems for £50ish, i can get a 28" flat screen widescreen tv with a stand. (Ebay!)

    Now, just wondering which make to choose.

    Been offered a lovely looking 28" Philips one for £45 with a stand.
    Just not sure what to do lol!

    What are peoples expierences of Telly makes, as theres quite a few different makes im watching - to name a few - Philips, Toshiba (What i have now, which has just packed up), Sony, Sharp, Goodmans etc.

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks in advance!


    We wouldnt buy any phillips product as we have had nothing but problems with numerous phillips products. Doubt we would even take it if they were giving them away

    Had problems with shavers, tvs, dvds etc, now we steer clear.

    Panasonic is the best make IMO, but other makes such as sony are also good

    Original Poster

    First telly ive been offered at a buy it now price, thats all, as im managing on a small portable atm, lol!

    Ive always thought Toshiba were good, but my telly has just packed up, and it was only 3 if that.
    Also, my laptop is Toshiba, and is only JUST over one, now it needs a new battery (it wasnt a cheap laptop either :mad: )

    Would like a few more peoples opinions on tellys before i start bidding/buying!

    Thanks again

    Our phillips stuff hasnt even lasted that long!

    Panasonic is more expensive, but worth it in the long run

    hey josh, how you doing

    Original Poster

    Im good thanks Lou, you and the kids? Well, i was until i had my spate of back electrical luck, lol!

    Dont really speak to anyone from here much which is a shame lol!

    we are all good thanks, off to butlins friday hows your little one?

    Original Poster

    Yeah brilliant thanks, at Nursey now!
    Weve just got back from a weekend at Legoland/The Zoo lol! So hes pretty chuffed!

    Found myself a decent fella at last aswell now, lol!
    How about you?

    Take you £50 and put £10 in your car for petrol...

    Join freecycle in your area and keep looking for a TV that someone will be giving away...

    We have loads all the time in Surrey...

    Answer the advert very quickly and wait for instructions to collect it...

    Spend the other £40 on drink and nibbles to sit infront of your 'NEW' TV with...


    Original Poster

    I dont understand freecycle tbh.
    Ive just googled, and it comes up with it, i put the area i live in in, and got redirected to make a yahoo account, why would i want to, lol!

    A free telly would be brilliant!

    freecycle is run on yahoo sites, you can use your yahoo addy for it

    i often list stuff, its great for getting rid of stuff, not been lucky enough to be quick enough to get anything yet tho lol


    I dont understand freecycle tbh.Ive just googled, and it comes up with … I dont understand freecycle tbh.Ive just googled, and it comes up with it, i put the area i live in in, and got redirected to make a yahoo account, why would i want to, lol!A free telly would be brilliant!

    Easy to join and you could have one for each room if your quick...

    Original Poster

    Oh right.

    Well, ill give it a go, but id really like a flatscreen lol, and i doubt anyone will put one on there!

    So, what brands would people recommend?

    Im really not sure, lol!

    Dont recall how sony performed, but my boyfriend swears by them?

    Original Poster



    just look on ebay and limit it to within 10 miles of your postcode. should be able to get a Sony / Panny 32" TV for about £30-£40.

    Original Poster

    Well, i managed to snag what i class as a bargain!

    I got a 21" normal tv, which was only 4 miles away, which was £10!!! Doesnt have a remote, but, it works fine with freeview.

    Didnt expect to win it tbh, as i really want a flatscreen/widescreen tv, but its worked out well.
    Im going to hopefully get a 28" flat/widescreen with a stand for £45 this weekend, and put this one ive just bought in my bedroom (previously had a 14" one in there) and pass my old bedroom telly onto my little boy - so were all happy!

    Good thing is now i have this bargain telly, i can hold out for a really nice telly, and not just the first which comes along.

    The telly ive got my eye on is a philips.
    Would like a few more peoples opionions on Telly brands, but no-one seems to want to reply :geek:
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