How much should I save for a holiday in 2011?

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Found 29th Aug 2008
I'm currently 15 and I want to save for a holiday to the USA in the Summer once I am 18. Considering that it will be 2011 by that time, how much do you think I would need to save for a week's holiday in New York?




1500 - 2500



depends what you want to do or acheive. for the holiday and reasonable spending, save about £2.5k. If you really want it to be a trip of a lifetime then in excess of £5k

why don't you get a summer job over there? experience life like an American? then travel after that?


At least a £1000-1500. But if you are a student you could do camp america you get to work with kids for 10 weeks get some awesome experiences and then i think your visa valid for 6 more weeks for travel.
Btw do you know its strictly 21 to drink in the USA. I know alcohol not be all and end all but bit of a bummer to be on holiday and not have a few beers /cocktails

Not worth going until you're 21 IMO.


Well at least you will save some money by not being able to drink!

Depends on what you want to do and when you go. Go off peak and you could land yourself a good deal for the flight and hotel (say £5-600 inc), or peak and be around £1000.

Then spending money, all depends on the trips you want to do and anything you want to buy. Its a bit of an open question really.

depends on the room price, double rooms are expensive, but worth it !wink wink nudge nudge

at least £13,147.

go to hostels. where all the young crowd stay. you meet people and its cheap. £20-40 a night probably deals for a week so £120-200 for a weeks stay. subway get a weekly ticket. You could easily do most things for under £500


at least £13,147.

Why such a high/strange amount!!!!!!:thinking:


Why such a high/strange amount!!!!!!:thinking:

in 3 years time, the pound will have been replaced by the Euro and with unelected politicians messing around with the economy, inflation will be at 7%, €1 will be worth $0.50, and travel from UK to America will be at least €7,500 return, due to green and environmental taxes. so in todays money, i reckon he'd be left with $1,000 after paying for flights
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