How much should I sell for

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Found 19th Dec 2007
I wanna sell my DS with games before christmas.

How much do you rekon I would get on this forum if it was sent in time for Christmas?

It includes......

Unboxed Great condition Nintendo DS Lite (BLACK)
Simpsons case for it,

Mario Kart (boxed with everything)
Final Fanatasy 3 (boxed with everything)
Splinter cell chaos Theory (boxed with everything)
Brothers in arms (boxed with everything)
Brain Training (boxed with everything)
Fifa 07 unboxed

What dya think is a price?

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may i ask y ur selling? cheeky one but i'd offer £100 for it and it doesnt need to be in time for xmas

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As I dont need it anymore. Got a ps3 and psp.

Want quite a fair bit more sorry.

Just wanna know what kinda price.

Well you obviously must have some idea 'cos you've just turned down one suggestion....and you want a fair bit more.........just go with what you'll so know if it's wrong!...roughly £135 delivered I'd say.

imo your probably looking at around £80 for the ds+charger+case and then £10 a game on top of so probably £140-150

How much you want for mario kart?
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