How much should i sell my 360 for?

    Reason im asking is that there have been too many price cuts and deals on 360 Cores in shops so i want tto remain competitive, and thats why im asking you friendly people at HUKD(well some of ya anyway lol)

    Its out of warranty as off this month(31st)

    it was fixed my MS back in May for RROD, works perfectly since

    with a wireless conroller

    with NO hdd/memory card

    with AV cables and Power cable

    with Dead Rising

    with Condemned 2

    with Pro Evo 08



    rough guess £100

    I would say £20 to me :whistling:

    No more than £150 i reckon thats if your lucky

    brand new - £170 whit warranty and hdd-drive
    this one max, £100

    I'll give you £15

    can you deliver??

    about £100

    I'll give you £35.

    Can you deliver to Scotland?

    About £100 - £120

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the advice, i got a a rough idea of how much to sell for, should get onto it later on

    To those asking if i can deliver, i can in BhamWalsall/Cannock area, but prefer couriers.

    Thanks guys
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