How much should I sell my car for?

    I am planing on putting my car up for sale soon, The only thing is i am rubbish at giving things a true value, So i am looking for some advice on how much i should sell it for, here are some details...

    Vauxhall Astra Club

    2001 X plate


    5 door


    Electric windows

    54,000 Miles

    6 months Tax

    1 years MOT

    The car is in a clean condition With a small ding on the back wing and a few wear and tear scratches,no more than you would find on another car of that age. Any advice would be appreciated.



    autotrade them specs


    Yes, use Autotrader, do a national not local search and you'll get a good idea.…tml
    Free Glass's guide valuation
    Theses are part ex prices so you'll need to adjust them slightly if you're selling.

    Part-exchange Price:
    Excellent condition:

    Average condition:

    Below average condition:

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    Original Poster

    Thanks, We have already been offered 1250 PartX


    Thanks, We have already been offered 1250 PartX

    If you're putting it in part exchange, look at the value of the car you're buying, not the value of your car. They could say your car is worth £2k, if the new car is priced at £7k when it should be £6k for it's age/condition. It's the cost to change that matters most.

    I'd say £600 ish. +1 don't be fooled by a high p/x value.
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