How much should i sell this for?

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Found 19th Sep 2009
Qoolqee x mp3 player
It has the cd, brand new headphones, manual and usb but part of the boxing is missing

The 256mb on amazon sells for £52

Mines the 512mb version

Any opinions thanks

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£10? ?

around £5 possibly

Could prob get £20 for it.

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Thank you guys

Will make a thread soon when i find my usb cable



Thank you guysWill make a thread soon when i find my usb cable

you need to get this locked and wait a full 7 days from locking before listing in the fs boards, full fs rules now apply to these sort of threads

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Im confused please could a mod tell me



Im confused please could a mod tell me

a mod tell you what? this?


Full FS Rules will apply to ANY thread listing of personal trade items in other forums here, including requests for pricing.

(3) All sales MUST be listed and completed fully on the HUKD FS/FT forum. All negotiations must be done within the thread until a sale is agreed by both partiesYou must NOT list y. Contact details must NOT be added to FS/T forum threads. NO eBay, auction, classified or external links to an item listed elsewhere. our items for sale or trade here if they're listed elsewhere, this also applies where you have more than one of the same item being offered and includes 'Request' or 'Wanted' threads.
* Trading/buying/selling items on behalf of a third party is NOT permitted without our prior consent, use the 'report' button to let us know. The items MUST belong to you or your household and be in YOUR possession.


Thread closed at OP request - please wait at least 7 full days before relisting in FS/T as per forum rules.

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