How much should I sell this PC for?

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Found 11th Jul 2008
Its brand new built by me

Q6600 G0 stepping
4 gigs DDR2 ram
8600GT 512mB
500W Psu
5.1 soundcard inc SP/DIF out.
2x 250 gig sata drives.
20X Sony dvd burner multi format.

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You can get a Dell PC from tesco with a Q6600, integrated graphics, 2GB RAM, 320gb hard drive for £276. So because of the upgrades and stuff this is probably worth £350-400

Is the OS included?

Oh yeah, if no OS then it would bring the value down by around £50 i think

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I dont have an OS but can just buy a cheap OEM Vista Home Premium to push price up.

I was ideally looking for around £310 inc delivery for it(without the OS) But worried that was asking too much

id say about £240

what motherboard does it have?

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