How much should it cost to alter/shorten suit jacket and trousers please?

Found 15th Jun 2015
Hi All

I need to get a suit jacket altered for my wedding and I just wanted to check how much people think it should cost to alter before I take it anywhere. I need the trousers shortening by an inch or so and the sleeves taking up by approx an inch also, how much would people reckon this should cost me please?

Many Thanks in advance!
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about £20
I got a pair of jeans done for about £7, and that was using the oridginal hem. Just look up your local Zip Yard and give them a call.
Depends a lot on where you are.

Also depends on what they are doing with the sleeves. Is there a proper vent and real buttonholes? The better the suit quality the more I'd expect it to cost because there are more proper tailoring details to be worked on.
Thanks for the replies peeps!
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