How much should it cost to fix the plastic casing on a seatbelt

Found 9th Nov 2017
Accidentally damaged the seatbelt on car. The plastic casing came off. Both parts are unbroken but I couldn't get them to snap back together. How much would a garage charge to fix?
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How much does a piece of insulating tape cost? We get them broken all the time on buses. We repair them with insulating tape. Just marry the two pieces up and fix together. As long as the belt clips together ok it is legal and safe. The casing serves two purposes. First to stop fingers getting caught and second to stop objects, coats etc getting caught in mechanism to stop it working. The aesthetics is incidental - so pick a color that matches.
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What car? Front or back seat
Wadda6 m ago

What car? Front or back seat

Sorry, not the best with cars. Should say friend's car. It's an old volvo. The driver's seat. The seatbelt works fine, it's just the plastic casing came off, both of which are also unbroken.
Tube of decent plastic glue will do the job.
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