how much shud i sell ps2 4?

    hi ive got a ps2 not the slimline and about 3-4 yrs old roughly. It comes with a 8mb memory card 3 pads 2 4 ps2 1 4 ps1 but works on ps2. I have about 13 games quite good a few gta ones and a 50 cent one a pes 2008 one a few tony hawk and about 6 more. It is in good condition tbh because i have only used it 4 about 2yrs cos i got an xbox not long agoi dont know how much they are now but if anyone knos how much they think i wud get 4 it plz let me know [btw i cant sell here or anywhere oline cos of postage and other stuff so i wud sell in papers ok thnx


    Why can't you sell here? If you make people aware of the postage cost (would be about £8 via parcel2go) it would be fine.

    Can't help on the price tbh, but I can't imagine it would be a great amount if four years old and not a slimline model

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    thats great good to kno just out of interest how much do u think i shud sell it 4 on here

    Just had a quick look back, and the only 'fat' PS2 I could find went for £15 + delivery. If you've got 13 games and a few accessories, I'd hazard a guess at somewhere around £50 :?

    But don't quote me on that :-D


    60 pounds is a reasonable price i think

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    ok thnx guys
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