How much sleep do you need

    And how much do you get?

    I am trying to force myself into waking up early every morning. Woke at 5:45 today. Idea being that I can get a lot done and I will get used to it and be super productive and awake etc.


    UIsually get between 4-5 hours per day/night depending what shift i'm working. Have had trouble sleeping for years though. Have no option but to take pills when i have to get up for dayshift as i can never sleep naturally overnight :x

    That will depend on you. Some famous people such as prime ministers etc. have functioned on 3 or 4 hours a night, I like about 5-6 hours. There was some research recently to suggest 7 hours was the optimum for the heart, too much, even 8 hours increased heart attack risk. Also, getting up early doesn't mean necessarily doing anything if you are too bleary eyed to function. I am used to early mornings to travel, catch planes etc.,and have had to be on call so can leap out of bed at any time in the night, deal with important things and make decisons so short sleep doesn't worry me so long as I get longer every few nights. if you had said 'hungry' that would be another matter...if i am hungry I am short tempered if you keep me working and lacking concentration!

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    Thanks. Yes I am hoping that I can train myself to be used to less sleep. But to be honest I am impressed, if I go under 6.5 hours - I am useless.

    Normally 3 hours sleep a night


    I woke up at 530am this morning, got up, got ready for work.

    Got in the courtsey car from my local dealer and the thing doesn't start.

    "Working" from home today I guess..............

    I get a about 5 hrs a night and up at about 5.30 I went out to check conditions this morning and I am working from home as well

    up at 4am all summer to work on a farm winter up at 6.30 i get 5 hours either time of year but summer is so much nicer to spring outta bed.

    i normley sleep at 1 wake at about 7 and im always tired but i just cant sleep anymore

    I love sleeping. My record is 15 hours....nice

    My current average is about 7-8 hours. Guess i'm the lazy type

    I need 8 or I don't function well!

    I usually gets less

    I'm usually asleep by 11-11:30, wake at 8.

    Would like to get less but just feel really, really tired if i do

    I usually get around 5 hours on average. When the kids are older i'll catch up. :-D

    Need about 10 to function really but usually get 7-8 but I only sleep 4 nights out of 7 due to work:-(

    6 hours does me
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