How much this worth please

    still in good condition got it in september 2009…085


    how much did you buy it for? im guessing £120-£150

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    shame its vista... id of thought about £180?? i dont really know though tbh

    Going for between £150 and £200 on E bay

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    trog can u show me link please


    trog can u show me link please

    Just go to ebay and search on satelite l300 using advanced and with completed listings ticked. You will find various versions of the l300 that were recently up for sale, the green ones having been succesfully sold at an average of around £150 to £200. Can't link directly as ebay links are automaticaly obfusicated.
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    I'd say if you're sticking it on fleabay - a reserve price of £160 wouldnt be a bad idea...
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