how much time do u waste in a day sat at traffic lights ?

    On my way home from dropping my daughter at work i had to stop at 7 sets of traffic lights all just changed to red as i drove up to them ! Its my bug bear .....pure waste of time roundabouts should be used more then everyone is at least moving !!!!


    approx 10-20 seconds.


    about a minute

    roundabouts have less capacity than signalised junctions and are also less pedestrian and cyclist friendly....

    I live in a small village, so no traffic lights here, but i do get stuck behind tractors a lot and that is very frustrating on a winding country road.

    Up to 1 hour sometimes i live in central london arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    approx 10-20 seconds.

    lol you cant be driving very far !

    less time than i spend on here

    There's some long-lasting road works with lights on my 7 mile journey but that's it., so could be a couple of minutes or none.


    Up to 1 hour sometimes i live in central london arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    why not use the undergroud

    rarely.. i live in Milton keynes, land of the roundabouts

    anything from none to 10 minutes dependant on number of appointments in a day...people who block the outgoing junction just because there is no yellow box on their side of the road are pig ignorant gyets....and I do mean what I mouthed at you as you stared straight ahead and studiously ignored me. in Spain nobody stops for a red light !!!!!!!!!!!! lol


    why not use the undergroud

    Costs more than the car mate £4 -£7 single fare :w00t: london is a rip off but you have to pay the prices if you live here that's life plus with 2 kids 13 and 7 it makes like a lot easier.


    lol you cant be driving very far !

    When you have got a few of these essential equipment on your vehicle, you shouldn't be sat in any traffic lights for long!!! :whistling:


    i tend to stand at the traffic lights, and yeah so annoying waiting for the green man.
    actually on a normal day I only cross one road with traffic lights so maybes about 30 seconds.

    0 seconds, I don't wait. I cycle everywhere, the path is a short cut for the road

    0-4 minutes for me, I live close to work!

    Zero not many traffic lights in my little country village in fact none!

    Depends zero to 10 mins, and thats from Wakefield to Leeds, If i time it right, I can get all the way to work without hitting one red light.
    But the ones I do stop at, tend to offer some good traffic light grand prix moments of fun with the boy racers and their wheezy Saxos.
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