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How much to get a bumper resprayed?

Posted 24th Apr 2010
Can anyone give me an idea how much it would cost me to get the bumper of a Focus resprayed please? :-( !!!
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200 or so, for a pro
or 50 quid if you want it to fall off next week, apply at the corner garage
Well depend on where you are, if it requires removing from the car, if it has any damage or if its new and primed. My local paint shop would charge £60-£80 to pray a new primed bumper depending on paint used.
Thanks guys, rep added. Think I'll just have to take the car to a few places and get some quotes... :-S
You coud do a search ]here or ebay and see if you can get one in the right colour. Might be just as cheap and would save painting.
Where are you located? I had my 2002 Ford Focus resprayed and dents repaired for £400 - BUT it was a LOT of work so dependent on where you are and how large the work is it may not cost a lot. I have a very good contact. PM me for more info if interested. They are located in East London. My car is looking brand new and the garage is very reputable.
cost me £75 for the bumper cash in hand, still on 3 years later. Can't say the same for the front wing, £50 total joke, was a paper thin coat.

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