How much to get an X-box 360 setup with live?

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Found 6th Oct 2008
As much as I hate X-box's I'm thinking of getting one to play against my mates online.

I have no Idea what I would need, do people generally use headsets etc.

I would just get 1 or maybe 2 controllers & a few games, probably COD & Fifa 08 or 09.

How much would I be looking to get everything all setup, I would prefer to buy it second hand if possible as I hardly ever use my current console so dont want to waste any money incase it ends up sat on a shelf


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If you already have a 360 then just plug the network cable into your router and get an xbox live subscription for between £30-£35 and that would be you ready to play online gaming.

If you bought your console from a shop then it should already have the network cable in the box.

Other than that, a game, a controller and thats you basically! cheers.

There are some cracking offers going on brand new 360s at the moment, anywhere between £99 for the arcade version to £130-140 for the premium version.

£130 for an arcade, headset and XBox Live gold for 13 months...

You could try picking one up for cheap in the FS/FT section. Then the basics is an ethernet cable or the wireless bridge, a membership (or 48/month trial) and the game you wish to play - the headset is optional, I use it mostly for private chat as I can't do with squeaky american kids (no offence to any of them - i just play to relax)

12month + 1 free £25.99 ]http//ww…tml
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