How much to have a tyre swapped from one wheel to another ??

Posted 4th Feb 2011
Ball park / Average figure ???

If I require 4 tyres taken from wheels on my car and fitted onto new wheels and back onto my car.
It would probably mean valves and balancing, anyone got a rough cost??
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Go to Liverpool, and you'll get half of the job done for free.
I think your best to go to a local tyre place not your Kwik Fit etc and £5 a wheel would probably be about right
Kwik Fit charge £11 per wheel including valves, etc and VAT.
I've recently had this done and luckly an old school friend of my works for kwik fit, he done it for £15 for me, but i was being quoted £10.00 per tyre at other places before i went to kwik fit and realised he worked there.
£10-12 per tyre that includes balancing
Try the local scrapyard, they usually have tyre removers, or a back street used tyre garage. I wouldn't expect to pay more than £5 per wheel.
Thanks All,

So it looks like £10 a corner !!
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