How much to sell an iPhone 3g 8Gig with smashed screen for?

    I have an iPhone 3g 8gig which has a smashed front screen. The phone still actually works perfectly, but I have just upgraded to an iPhone 4.

    How much do you think I could sell it for?!



    three fiddy

    sell it to mazuma as a damaged phone


    ill gice you £70

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    ill gice you £70

    I will take your first offer of 350 pal!

    Arn't screen fixes cheaper now?

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    Yeah its about £35/£40 but its a bit of hastle I cant be bothered with.

    I would prefer the money tbh.

    Not sure about the price with a smashed screen but I sold my iPhone 3G yesterday for £180
    so I would think about £90?

    just buy a complete new digitizer for it, i've just got one for rmine, 2 screws out of the bottom, detatch 3 ribbon connectors and your phone is like new

    £55 for digitizer/lcd complete

    or sell it to me and i'll put my old one in it
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    If they are selling for £180 regieon it may be worth repairing it, like souljacker says, then selling it on for even more.

    Just need to get my **** in to gear...!

    I got my complete digitizer/lcd from HERE
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