How much to spend on a car?

Posted 23rd Oct 2020
I’m in a real conundrum. I do about 24K miles a year, and need a reliable car but I can’t decide how much to spend.
It needs to be automatic, 5d door hatchback, with a decent sized boot.

My second from last car was a Ford Focus. about £5K, but the transmission suddenly conked out after two years. My last car was a Vauxhall Astra, 8years old with really low mileage for £7K. That was constantly having issues and I spent about £2 grand fixing it, in less than two years.

Now my husband thinks I should spend £12k and get a Mazda 3, 2017. But I’m just struggling to get my head round spending so much. What if after a couple of years it dies and I’ve lost all that money.

I know the modern cars have better mpg which saves money in the long term and a newer car SHOULD have less issues, but there’s no way of guaranteeing that.

I’m used to buying cheap cars, racking up the miles and scrapping them when they die. So spending so much makes me nervous. Especially after my last car was such a money pit and I was hoping to have that for much longer than it lasted.

By the way, I don’t just have £12grand laying around, we’re saving for a house and this will have to come out of the deposit.

Any thoughts???
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