How much to unlock a BB Storm?

    Hi all

    I am just looking for some advice.

    I would like to unlock my Blackberry Storm, and would prefer to do so in a shop. The current price I have for this is £20. Is this reasonable? I don't want to risk doing it online, unless someone can suggest a cast-iron method that is simple and quick (!)

    Has anyone unlocked there Storm, online or offline? How much did you pay?

    Thanks in advance - you-know-what for those that can help!


    dont like vofadone then! :oops:

    £20 is the going rate but why would you want to unlock it ?

    You do know that all warrenties will be void and you will lose some of it's features ??

    To me it's not worth it as it's a high vaule phone and if you unlock it and something goes wrong then your screwed.

    Original Poster

    Well, I paid the £20, and got the Storm unlocked. I got it free after someone I know didn't like it, so that is why I want it unlocked.

    And, just like Zeus said (good name, btw), I am unable to surf the internet or access my email. Calls and sms work fine. Working on it now, but not holding my breath. It seems as though BlackBerry hold all the www congif files in something called a Service Book, which they produce for the operators who sell their phone. I am with Three, and so a Service Book with their config does not exist.

    If anyone knows where to get one, and how to install it (or even if I can fudge my own together), I would be very grateful.

    Oh, and rep added to you two above - cheers


    prob better luck on [url][/url]
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