how much would a banned from live 360 cost me?

    im sick to death of this ps3 of mine gathering dust while i wait for rpgs!!!

    xbox 360 has a fair share of them i'd like to try tho!

    how much will a console cost me?

    i dont care if its banned from live for cheating or whatever as i doubt i'd be using it online etc.

    cheers for advice.


    i sold an old flashed 1 for £60 the other week

    Around £60-£80 without hard drive I think

    I got an old flashed one for sale.
    Mine broke so I bought another, but since then Ive had this one fixed.
    Is not banned from xbox live either!!
    £60 quid if you want it, with the box and all the cabled, and one control pad.

    Pick up only though, i'm from Cardiff

    Original Poster

    how old we talking?

    im in cardiff too lol. small world.

    definately interested but not sure the gf will approve - hmmm.. maybe with a few more details i'll be able to argue my caseabit better

    Cheers fella.

    Where abouts in cardiff?? Im from St Mellons

    Not sure exactly how old about 2 years I think, although its not the Jasper Model which is the one with the HDMI port, they tend not to break which is really why i bought a new one.

    Its in the box though, has the power supply, av cable with scart adapter, one control pad, thats about it i think. Like i say its been repaired because the display went yellow, its never had the ring of death.

    If your interested let me know. Ill give you a months warranty on it because i haven't really tested it since i bought the new one.

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    i'll get back to you fella.

    she read the post over my shoulder and read that its been fixed and is now kicking up a fuss about buying a new one instead.

    women have the habit of throwing fixable things in the sure you know the story.

    Whats the best price you could do on it fella?

    I'm in roath - gonna go to the shopsasecandsee if i can find anything to get her in a good mood

    cheers again for speedy replies.

    No problem, would prob go a little lower but not much have a think about it anyway.
    Remember its flashed and if that was an advantage to you it would cost your 25 - 30 quid to get done.

    Original Poster

    i have another problem! :P

    no transport in which to come get it if we close a deal anychance you could come drop it off?

    what sort of condition is it in? (cant believe this is the last question i ask lol)

    any games you wanna throw in thatwork on a flashed xbox *cough*


    Not sure if you got her personal message i sent you, the xbox looks like new.
    i sent you my phone number and email address so get in touch and we can sort something out.


    Original Poster

    cheers for the xbox fella.

    cant believe it was you selling it!!

    such a small world!
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