How much would a normal desktop computer and tft monitor weigh in Kilos? I dont have scales and need to weigh it but cant!

Theres always one!:whistling:
Can't you look up your desktop or general desktop computer like on amazon and they will give the specs and weights. Do also for tft monitor
I hope this helps:thumbsup:
I always put 1 kilo under the top weight the courier takes, just to be on the safe side! But i would say 10-15?
Yeah cheers guys I'll put down as 15 kilos. No idea how to wrap it, gunna try and get a box from somewhere?
tree fiddy kg
I'd say 15kg is a good estimate, but it will vary a lot depending on the size and type on monitor as well as the machine (big cases with powerful CPUs and graphics cards with their heavy heatsinks will weight more).
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