How much would a PC that's equivalent to the XBOX X cost?... & are there any deals on here for such a PC.

Posted 24th Nov 2022

I'm trying to decide whether to get a PC or an Xbox X but I'm not very knowledgeable about PC's these days... I remember reading a few articles when the XBox X first released which suggested an equivalent build would be around £1400, but I wondered how the prices compare today... I have naturally had a look at a lot of the PC deals on HotDeals to get an idea, but it has probably left me even more confused than I was to start with, so my question is...

How much would a PC with performance that's equivalent to the XBOX X cost to buy right now?... & which, if any, deals on hotukdeals should I be looking at if I want such a PC.

Basically if I opted for a PC I would want the performance of that PC to be either the same as (or better) than an Xbox X, I'd also be looking for something that is either off the shelf or built to order (as I'm not confident that I'd be able to build my own, though I would be ok to just add RAM or a Graphics Card or a Hard Drive if necessary)... I'm not bothered about making it future proof, just looking for a PC that can match the performance of the current gen Xbox at the best price available.

Thank you in advance & sorry if this has been answered before (I did search, but didn't find anything relevant)
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    It would be on par with an RTX3060 so you're probably looking at about £1,000
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    Realistically, a 1070 is about where you are at, can get good second hand computers for roughly £300 and it would out perform a series x on most games.

    People are definitely overselling how powerful an xbox x is.
    No they aren't. A 2070 or 2070 Super is more like its equivalent.
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    Save yourself a lot of hassle & money & buy the Xbox.
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    If you ignore the cost of the games, that leaves 2 main costs to consider. The graphics & the I/O system. According to most a Ryzen 7 3700X desktop processor paired with Radeon RX 6800 or Nvidia RTX 3070 would match the power of an Xbox Series X, both are built on AMD's RDNA2 architecture for graphics processing units and have similar teraflop performance. however the disk I/O is harder to replicate. The Xbox Series X has a custom SSD that can also be used as VRAM, the extension ports are also custom. It is a DRAM-less PCIe 4.0 M.2 storage device - the PC equivalent has not yet been released!
    The direct storage works with the APU to compensate. From a PC perspective, a PCIe gen3 NVME and RX 6700XT will give equivalent/ better performance
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    I think a graphics card capable of the same as a Series X would probably be almost the same price as the series X, thats before you start with a case, psu, ram, ssd, etc.

    I could be wrong and you may find a prebuild capable and cheap enough but you are probably better off just getting a series X or even a Series S, maybe even used if you want to save money.
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    Thanks for the comments, (factoring in value for money & that most of the modern games I like are on both platforms anyway) at the moment I have to agree that it probably does make more sense to opt for an Xbox X for playing this generations games.

    Thinking about it, considering the price difference between the two options, I could probably get the Xbox X & perhaps get an entry level gaming PC too for less than an Xbox X equivalent PC would cost. I'm sure even an entry level modern gaming PC would be adequate for the type of games I'd like to play that can't be found on XBox X.

    The main game I'd like to play on a PC at the moment is Command & Conquer Generals, so I'm sure a modern entry level gaming PC would be more than capable of handling that on it's maximum settings.
    Command & Conquer Generals is almost 20 years old now - anything that can run Windows 10 would be more than capable of playing that game! Have a look at StarCraft, Starcraft 2 & Company of heroes (1&2). They are all free to play now and are similar RTS games...
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