How much would a PSP Lite sell for?

    Basically ive been part-ex'ing some of my games at gamestation in order to get some cash back but they have given me receipts for credit rather than cash (as they didnt have cash and frankly the cash prices were rip offs!) and ive unfortuantly noticed that selling vouchers on this website doesnt seem to work very well!!

    Another option ive thought of is to use the vouchers to buy something to sell here, now ive got over £100 worth of vouchers and ive noticed that they have used PSP lites with two games for £125 as one option, what would I be able to sell that on this forum for? £100? £110?

    Also, if anyone else can suggest something else thats around that price that you can get from gamestation and should sell quite well then all advice welcome!


    you would get that im sure.

    If you can get a DS Lite then these normally sell well.

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    Ok, thanks for your comments. If the vouchers havnt sold by tomorrow then I may try that. Just have to make sure its the PSP lites that im getting!

    Hmm.. Not sure how well PSP's are selling...

    Vouchers seem to sell well at eBay (although Ive never sold anything there).

    AVFroums might be another idea or maybe the vouchers arn't priced well?

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    Well ive got one voucher for £76 and I listed it for £60 pounds here but no interest which I thought was a real bargain! Its now on ebay but if it doesnt sell then I was going to try the PSP ideas

    The other voucher is for £86 which I just got recently and ive listed it here for £75 but so fair again no interest, very odd I think....

    ebay deffo best place have a look do a advanced search for psp lite click on completed listings this shows you wat they ahve been selling for or do same for vouchers gives you an idea before paying out to list i do it all the time
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