How much would battery replacement cost for Timex Ironman watch?

Found 31st Dec 2012
How much would a battery replacement for this watch cost if I am not bothered about re-pressurising it? Standard or something special like my swiss made watch where they try to fleece you.

Anyone know what type of battery it takes? CR2016 types?

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CR 2016 or a CR 2025
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If you don't fancy doing it yourself, most jewellers will do it for under £5.

For a quality brand.(_;)
I took my seiko watch into h Samuels as its the closest place to me,she quoted me £15 to change it there but it would no longer be water proof or it would be £40 to send it back to seiko.
Ended up sending it to them as the shop didn't have the wee tool small enough to get the back of it,plus at least its water tight again.

Someone at work then told me they took theirs to a small jewellers and it was only £6 but then the battery stopped after a couple of months so I'm glad I did send mine away.
Are batteries for yours not easy to replace anyway? If so then they are cheap to buy? I couldn't get the back of mine off so had to take it to a shop.

Markets quite often have key cutting stallholders that also change watch batteries. Our local one charges between £3 - £5 depending on type of battery.

Timex normally use CR2016 or CR2025 batteries in their Ironman watches.
Battery changing info:…tml
cheers guys.

ordered the watch.

cheers guys.ordered the watch.

It will probably come with a battery that works BTW....:p

It will probably come with a battery that works BTW....:p

oh yeah. i know that.
i didn't want to buy it if it will cost me £60 to replace the battery in a year's time.
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