How much would i be looking at for a basic van alarm?

Found 23rd Jun 2011
Im getting my van sign written tomorow, its currently plain white, when i get it signed it will clearly show my trade and advertise the fact that theres tools inside, how much am i looking at to get a basic alarm fitted, one that has a flashing light and stickers and stuff to show the van is alarmed? cheers.
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Can you not get a sign saying "no tools in here overnight' and a little flashing red light. Also Google the best van alarm, then buy a sticker from that company off e-bay

About as much of a deterrent as an alarm
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bout tree fiddy?
i didnt think your tools were insured if you left them in the vehicle over night. you can fit your own alarm (look at halfords website) but you may want to get it professionally fitted
I know it wont stop my tools from getting stolen and no tools are not insured with my policy.
I have looked at the 'no tools overnite' stickers but i always think that thats what people who leave tools in there van over nite use as a detterent, does it put thieves off?
I might settle for the alarm stickers and decoy light but again, can thieves tell?
Depends on what sort of Van it is....

I have found my house alarm works well in the cab as a deterrent and as my van is solid steel bulkhead the side door is chained and padlocked into the cab and the back doors have big bars that need to be undone from inside...

The key is awkward ness and making it loud as possible to get in!
Chuck a rottie in the van overnight.
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