How much would I get for.....

    Road Angel Plus, 18 months old but hardly used. Unboxed but comes with data transfer cable, windscreen mount, 2 in car chargers and mains charger. No installation disc but this can be downloaded from road angel.

    Thanks in advance.

    Also what are the benefits/pitfalls of selling via FS/T here?


    McDeals will give you 20p take it or leave it



    I sold my £200 model for £30 on Ebay

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    Yeah £30 seems to be about right, ah well - better than sitting in my cupboard.

    what model is it please? im interested, does it work with a heated mondeo winscreen or do the little heater elements affect it?

    Benefits are no fees, contact with buyers, potential buyers etc...

    pitfalls, can be some silly offers (which of course you just dont accept) make sure you real all rules fully and dont break or bend them, as you will be banned without warning...

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    Thanks for the tips Taz.

    Mark, this is the model…tml

    Used to work with my Focus heated windscreen - the only dodgy thing (with heated windscreen) is when you turn it on you need to register it with the satelites with a good signal, which means you need to hold it outside of the car to initially register when you start your journey.

    hi thanks for your honesty, sounds like messing about with the holding it outside bit to start with though so i think ill leave it, thanks all the same though

    i just found out you have to pay 50 sovs a year to keep it up to date is that right?

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    The Subs are £3.99 a month to keep it up to date for mobile cameras. Fixed cameras, blackspots and laser detection is free, although it's worth updating now and again in case any new cameras get installed.

    The holding it outside the car thing only takes 30 seconds, or if you have a sunroof even less.

    so whats the final figure then ritchie? can you do it delivered for 30 notes then? please check my ebay feedback of the same name and im sure you cant get a fairer buyer.

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    Having used it over the past few days, you should know that the battery life on this is not amazing, meaning your probably going to have to run it from your ciggy lighter for a lot of the time.

    If I do sell here, I will put it in the FS/FT section and do it above board as I do not want to get banned.

    are you not in that section then? i just clicked all..........................will you send me a pm if you do sell it then please? im not sure the 30 notes is so good given i have to wave it about outside and the battery is a bit poor, you had anymore thoughts on price mate?


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    Yeah, will PM when I put it on.

    Erm I wouldnt sell it for £30 if I was you

    I've PM'd you a few links from ebay (as I cant openly put them here), but you can deffinatley egt more for it that that on ebay.

    are you going to go through ebay then ritchie or should i keep an eye open for the pm?

    can you not just mail me details etc through pm? i dont know how it works here to be honest so may be digging myself a big hole, ooops
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