How much would i get for this sofa?

    Thinking about selling a chocolate/dark brown sofa which is velve/suede material- in very good condition and very comfy. It's about 1.5m long, how much would i get for it?


    Not a lot lol

    They don't sell for much on Ebay generally,dunno about elsewhere.


    Tree fiddy

    check out your local gumtree - up here I know of only a couple of sofa sales - neither shifted at £50 for good sofas.

    Chocolate velvet? Sounds really smart. I'll ask my gran if she's interested, I think she's looking to spruce up her pre-fab.

    If its got a £20 pound note stuffed down the back of it, bout £15.(_;)

    you will be lucky if you even gets a 2nd hand ipad for it

    I'll give you a tenner if you deliver it.


    If it's very comfy what's the reason for sale ?


    has it had good use

    Look on ebay for similar and go from there, or alternatively just bung it on there with a 99p start and no reserve. (best time to put it on there is Thursday night for 10 days so it finishes on a Sunday night and spans 2 weekends).


    has it had good use

    Any identifying marks X)
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