how much would i get for this xbox bundle?

    hi people i have a xbox 360 arcade like new with head phones no cards, 20gig hard drive and 14 games not the newest ,and 2 wireless controllers

    the xbox is just over 12months old but did get 3rod and has been sent off for repair so would have xbox cover on it fully boxed what would be the best thing to do with it?
    sell all together?
    bit by bit?

    let me no thanks



    Not sure; but if you want to sell on here now you will have to wait 7 days before listing in FS/FT. Possibly selling bit by bit would get more money. Why not check ebay and see what they are selling for?

    Original Poster

    not sellin on here just after a price thats all


    Thread closed, this ]other thread is still open.

    No relisting anything from the 2 threads until 7 full days have elapsed from now.

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