How much would I pay for Xbox x if I trade in my one?

Found 2nd Nov 2017
Thinking of trading in at game with 2 controllers
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You haven’t really given us much to go on mate , which one is it? Youcan access the Game trade in calculator here, that should give you a better idea. They offer £110 for the S and £90 for the OG.

The CEX pricing is better for the console trade ins, but you know their X prices will be silly
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Sorry buzz it's the Xbox s with 500gb and 2 controllers, I was wondering if it would be better to purchase the elite trade in membership from game.
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If you want the most money, ebay may be a good option to see how well they sell.

£100 seems about right without games and 1 controller (although I'd keep the second controller).
Keep an eye out on any game deals where you trade up to save X amount on a new console.

If not, then you are better of selling it privately to someone else.
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