How much would it cost??

    say if i sell my ps3(60 gb) on ebay for 350 plus postage 25 , how much would it cost me to get the payment through paypal and ebay, and how much would i get at the end of the sell.

    i can also ask the buyer pay by postal or other payment but just wanna know the total money i get through paypal (rough guess)

    if listing starts at 0.99 is 15p but when the sell price go as high as 350 how much would ebay charge me for the listing??



    lol should be in misc

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    sorry to post it in wrong section and thanks for the site (csiman)
    after calculating the costs to ebay and paypal, will not sell any high priced items on there.

    love ur name!

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    love ur name!

    thanks, took me about 5-10 mins to think of this name. all the other good ones were already registered
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