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Found 23rd Jun 2008
Just bought a fork lift truck from ebay, I'm looking for some services that will transport it to my place. Seller is around 12 miles away, can anyone recommend anything?

Thanks - Zak.

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ring a rental company, they might have something to help you. might even do you a special rate as you only need for a few hours


What's the item number? (being nosy...)

A fork lift truck, seriously? You have that much junk in your house? :-D
I'd be tempted to rent a small lorry/big van and pick it up that way as andy said.

another way is to drive it home. its only 12 miles

ring AA

Original Poster

Thanks for the advice, I'll just be using a recovery truck for £60.

Palletline is your best bet, they delivered ours :thumbsup:


:lol:What's the item number? (being nosy...)

Just what I thought!

OP surely you would check out getting it delivered first, before buying?

Please dont tell me it was an impulse buy:w00t:
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