How much would it cost to get 7 Thermostats put on the radiators?

    Can anyone give me an approximate idea please? I'm sure I've asked a similar question before but can't find it on the advanced search.


    A bit more than the last time you asked.

    Try looking on the screwfix website.

    TVRs cost anything from £7 (cheapest) upwards. Do it youself from £49. Check out any DIY store.

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    It's not the cost of the actual TVR's, it's the fitting them that I was more interested in the cost of?

    I'm having a blonde moment, but surely you would only want one thermostat? If you have several, you may want your bedroom to warm up, but the bathroom Tstat might stop the whole thing. It would keep you warm just running around the house adjusting/checking the Tstats.

    You must be talking about these and not these sorry.

    I'm kinda decent at DIY, and have done this.

    I'd say it would take me about 10 mins per TRV to do, not including the time to drain the system, and refill, balance the rads etc.

    So I guess it depends on how much your plumber charges per hour.
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    Depending on the age of your system at this time of year it's probably worth draining the whole system down for a service and do all the rads whilst the system is empty (dry). Easy job with the right tools and probably about 15 mins per rad.

    Plumber's charge by the hour and you'll probably need a mini mortgage to pay for it. Good luck.

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    Okay, thanks for the advice. Not sure if my other half is up to the job or not, I'll ask but he has a can't do attitude so am not holding my breathe!
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