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How much would it cost to repair a Samsung Galaxy S5 screen?

Posted 28th Dec 2014
Well, I cracked the screen. I dropped it.

My phone still works, and everything else is still intact. However, the crack it at the top of the screen and is pretty annoying,

I wanted to know if it is expensive to replace he screen and where I could possibly get it done.

Thanks :s
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The screen alone is £95, your looking at £140 (including the labor) Do you not have phone insurance as part of your current account or anything? if you don't you should consider getting a good package current account
cost £45

contact ebay seller, on how to send off for repair.

Note, any repair done "cheaply" will NOT have your S5 water-tight any longer so bear that in mind.
I did one a few weeks ago for a customer and the parts cost £110 - once the old screen is off, it's not too difficult but getting the top one off is a pain
yeah I got mine done on ebay and the turnaround was fast just make sure they have good feedback
You can also mend it yourself with a repair kit from ebay if confident enough. Youtube has tutorials...:-)
Won't you invalidate your warranty if you don't use a authorised repairer?
Not only that you but if you send it off to eBay, you run the risk of the repairer taking your good valuable screen and replacing it with a inferior one. Also the glass they use is rubbish, the glass you can buy from eBay separately will be the same glass the repair man uses, hence why it's so cheap to do. Also these cheap replacement screens often have streaks on them, that can't really be seen unless you hold it up to the light. I bank with the Halifax and pay 10 a month for mobile phone insurance, aa cover, travel insurance, plus more. I have used the mobile insurance twice this year for broken screens on my note 2. Cost me 30 excess each time. And phone sent off and screens replaced within 3 days. Best value around I think.

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