How much would my car be worth?

    1994 M reg Renault clio. 3 door.
    purple and battered - not been in a crash just lots of bad parking at 5am.

    list of problems:
    central locking is semi working...i think the battery is going on the fob etc so sometimes it takes a fair few clicks to get it to open. and to close it takes even longer... and if you try the key in the drivers side door it doesn't idea why lol.

    *not exactly a list hehe*
    mot for 6months.

    anyone got any ideas?


    give you £200?

    What car will give you a free valuation, try this link & just put your details in :-D…spx
    You can also try which costs £3.50 & Parkers used car guide who do charge but I don't know how much.


    give you £200?

    Rip his arm off:w00t:

    I'll give you 2 jammy dodgers and a packet of quavers! :->

    Original Poster

    if only you'd said skips instead of quavers!

    *adding more things wrong with the car as i think of them*

    rep added to skybaby.

    i might actually be interested in this, as long as it works

    I'll take it away for 50 quid, you can pay by paypal gift :thumbsup:
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