How much would you consider a 80GB PS3 is worth?

    My mate is desperate for cash so has offered me his 80GB PS3 with all leads, a dualshock 3 controller and CoD MW2 for £80. Unfortunately it doesn't come boxed but £80 is a steal right?

    I don't think I'll keep it as I always end up buying a load of games I never play.

    How much do you reckon I could get for it on the mighty bay?


    if it's working then yes.

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    if it's working then yes.

    Yup - it's working fine Any ideas what it could be sold on for? I've told him that he'd make more selling it but he can't be bothered listing it on the internet and wants cash asap.


    dtovey89, apologies but as you are subject to a console trade ban this thread could be seen as a way of advertising a prohibited item however unintentionally. Thread closed, please do not relist any similar console related price requests in MISC, thank you.
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